NBTL is certified class H1 laboratory by the Norwegian Control Council

NBTL does testing of aggregate, concrete, mortar, natural stone and on concrete structures


NBTL undertakes different types of laboratory tests according to Norwegian and European standards (e.g. NS-EN 206 and NS-EN 12620) and international standards (e.g. ASTM, CSA and RILEM).


NBTL offers laboratory tests of aggregate, (sand, gravel and rock), all types of geological materials and concrete and mortar. NBTL also undertakes different types of field investigations on concrete structures and aggregate deposits. We can also develop tests to suit specific problems. The tests will normally be carried out directly after receipt of the samples and in the order in which they have been received.  NBTL aims to be pioneering in the field of concrete and aggregate and can offer Research and Development consultation in addition to the normal test analyses.


It is recommended that aggregate samples are representative for the deposit (batch) and sampled according to EN 932-1. Test portions given to NBTL should be reduced according to EN 932-2.