Welcome to the Norwegian Concrete and Aggregate Laboratory (NBTL).

NBTL is a Norwegian-owned independent commercial company with offices and laboratory in Trondheim.


The purpose of the company is to offer high-quality testing and consultancy services to the construction, and concrete - aggregate industries.


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We undertake testing of aggregates, concrete and concrete structures.

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Newsletter October 2003. The Norwegian Control Council for Concrete products require   concrete aggregates to be approved according to new European Standards. The Control Council has published two  compilations with "short form translation of the standards" to be used by producers and test laboratories. NBTL has found several discrepancies  between the compilations and the  standards:  NS-EN 1097-6, NS-EN 933-1 and NS-EN 933-3  read more here (in Norwegian)


NBTL is certified as class H laboratory by the Norwegian Control Council of concrete products (class P) and follow a quality control system with respect to NS-EN 45001.



Price policy

Our price policy is to be competitive and offer the lowest prices in Norway. See the price list





Field- and laboratory investigations of concrete structures

We undertake commercial testing and research for foreign customers. Please contact NBTL for further information

Our intension is to communicate knowledge and experience to the building industry in Norway and Internationally to the benefit of all. Selected papers in Norwegian and English are found under  publication


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Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), Petrographic analyses (Rilem AAR-1), measurement of relative humidity, Effect of water repellent (mono silane), Condition of Norwegian concrete dams and damages caused by slip forming and in repairs ( dam Langevann

Paper in Byggindustrien 19. December 2003

Are Norwegian aggregate deposits wrongly classified according to Alkali Silica Reaction? Norwegian concrete aggregates are assessed for possible ASR by petrographic analyses only.  The method has many uncertainties and better methods are available e.g. Canadian concrete prism test CSA A23.2-14A:2000  Read more (in Norwegian)

NBTL has presently a colloboration agreement with Force Technology  and prof.  Ervin Poulsen, Denmark.


NBTL is seeking collaboration partners who can consolidate and widen the company's expertise to the benefit of the partners and the  industry.



NBTL has sponsored and chaired the conference "9th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials" in Trondheim 9. - 12 September 2003.


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Field and laboratory investigations of aggregate deposits


Microscopy of concrete, aggregate and geological materials is an important method to  diagnose damages in structures and  for research and developing of new materials

Polarising microscopy

Alkali Silica Reaction. Gel in airvoid and cracks

Microtexture of  av mylonite

Reaction product in electron microscope (SEM)


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