NBTL is sertified class H laboratory

NBTL carry out testing of aggregate, concrete and mortar, natural stone and on concrete structures


Contact NBTL for a price list


The price list gives examples of the most normal test methods that NBTL undertakes.




Please contact NBTL for special testing and investigation methods which are not stated in the price list. All the prices are excluding VAT. NBTL calculates no administration charge or standard charge but the minimum price for an assignment is 1000 Norwegian Kronor. The prices assume that the sample material has already arrived at NBTL.


All of the tests include a test report in PDF file or 2 test reports in paper. NBTL has a confidentially agreement and does not pass on test results to a third party.


Evaluations, comments and interpretations of the test results are not included in the reports. If this is desired, NBTL can carry this out according to hourly costing or a pre-arranged price.