The conferences main themes are the analysis-methods for the characterisation of natural stone and building raw materials, concrete, bricks, as well as weathering of building materials and structures.

Natural stone means all stone which can be sawn, split or cut into sheets and is suitable for use as a building material, while building raw material is a general meaning for sand, gravel, natural - and crushed rock which can be used for a number of purposes as aggregates in concrete and bitumen. The conference is probably the most important international forum for microscopy and petrography applied to all types of modern and historical building materials.

There was four workshops at the conference:

1) Alkali reactive rocks in Europe; EU-project PARTNER

2) Thin section analyses ( Eu-project TEAM was cancelled)

3) Rehabilitation of historical buildings

4) Petrographic and chemical analysis methods.

The conference is the ninth consecutive and is arranged every second year  and was last in Athens in 2001. The conference was from 9th until 12th September 2003 in Trondheim, and there were about 50 participants from all over the world. In connection with the conference there was arranged a technical excursion to Nidaros Cathedral, Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshops and to Elgeseter Bridge which is damaged by alkali reactions. The conference was sponsored by Trondheim municipality, the Norcem cement factory and the organisers.

The organisation committee consisted of: Viggo Jensen, NBTL (conference chairman), Maarten Broekmans, NGU (conference secretary), Bjørge Brattli, NTNU, Mai Kristin Røen, (BKF), Tor Simensen Tvete Arrangement AS (admistrative responsibility). The technical aspects of the conference was taken care of by the Geological Survey of Norway. 

Elgeseter bridge with the Nidaros Cathedral in the background

Download information materials from the conference:

9th Euroseminar - Second circular

Tvete arrangements

Proceeding: preface, introduction and table of content


The conference was very successfull. Presented research results "papers" were on a high scientific and international level. In connection to the conference there was a technical excursion to the medieval Nidaros Cathedral and Elgeseter bridge damaged by Alkali Silica Reaction. Read more about damages and repair on Elgeseter bridge in Viggo Jensen's paper and extended abstract

Delegates on Elgeseter bridge and Nidaros Cathedral
Proceedings with paper version of extended abstracts and a CD-rom with full papers can be ordered at NBTL and NGU (only few left) for 450 NOK

Most of the papers will be published in special issue  no.29 of "Material Characterization"  (Elsevier - Reed), an international journal of materials structure and behaviour. (2004)




The 10th Euroseminar is planned to be in

Scotland, Paisley 2005

The conference will be organized by dr. John Hughes


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